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All In One Voice Recorder

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MSRP: $149.00
Price: $74.00
You Save: $75.00 (50 %)
Item Number: 20528

Tired of having to plug in a voice recorder to your laptop or desktop to listen to  your recordings?  Don’t worry about that anymore!  Our new recorder comes with the best clarity and range along with the ability to listen to your recordings through the device!  This is truly the king of all voice recorders.  You can choose between voice activated or continuous recording.  You can easily set up a password so no one but you can listen to recordings.  Variety of playback options—through unit, earphones or PC.  One touch recording and you can hook device to landline phones and record conversations.


  • Audio Format: WAV
  • Audio Quality: 128 Kbps/512Kbps/1024Kbps
  • Recording Capacity: 144 hours/36 hours/18 hours
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Battery Life: 60+  hours
  • Battery Type: Polymer
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7v
  • Battery Capacity: 400 mAh
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
  • Battery Location: Inside the unit
  • Weight: ½ oz
  • Dimensions: 3.25" x .25" x 1"