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Vape Audio Recorder

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Price: $1,495.00
Item Number: 20525

An actual fully-functional vape with built in audio recorder and high gain microphone.  The unit is an open sight long time covert device enabling the user to record 96 hours of audio (12 hours of battery life on a full charge).  With a compact size, you can hold it in your hand and record as you vape.  Various colors and styles available.  Data is transferred to any PC via USB.  No special software is required.


  • Fully Functional Vape (User Can Actually Vape With Unit)
  • 8 GB Memory
  • USB Port for playback and charging
  • Recording Time: 96 Hrs 
  • Local Record Start/Stop
  • Sampling Rate:  48 kHz
  • Bit Rate: 192 kb per second
  • 12 Hours of Battery life when fully charged
  • Enhanced microphone